Fish guidance system used to safely pass downstream migrating salmon, steelhead and shad

Our Trash Rakes and Trash Racks were developed and are used by our operations staff at our own dams, so we really do,use what we sell, everyday...

Our Trash Rakes:

  • Electro-mechanical (non-hydraulic)   
  • Manually-controlled or fully automatic
  • Simple to O&M
  • ​Multiple safety systems to protect staff
  • Very easy to install and operate

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Our Trash Racks:

  • HDPE, a rugged and low maintenance alternative  ​
  • Resist ice and zebra/quagga mussels

  • Designed to improve flows  

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Bureau of Indian Affairs
Portland General Electric
Snohomish County PUD

Trusted Solutions for 

Valued Customers

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Public Safety at Dams

Eugene Water & Electric Board

We have a waterway barrier solution for your situation.  We have years of experience at projects all over the world. 

Our solutions include:

  • Debris Control
  • Dam Safety
  • Public safety
  • Access
  • Vegetation Control
  • Line of Demarcation
  • Navigation

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U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
California Department of Water Resources
Northwestern Energy
.Public Safety barrier protecting swimmers and boaters from a glory hole spillway
Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation

Naches-Selah Irrigation District

log boom containing woody debris in a reservior

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Seattle City Light

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Fish Passage and Protection

We have found the most effective solutions from the best suppliers to improve operations, protect the public and help the environment, while saving you time and money.  Let us share our solutions with you.  At S. Scott & Associates LLC, we know the problems you see every day at your rivers, lakes and reservoirs; hydroelectric and diversion dams; municipal water systems, irrigation canals, pump stations; and other water related facilities.  

Our experts:

     - Know your industry

     - Have real experience  

     - Focus on saving you time and money

Some of Our Customers Served

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South Columbia Basin Irrigation District

Tacoma Power

​​Waterway Barriers​

Trusted Solutions for Valued Customers

S. Scott & Associates LLC

​​​​​​Trash Rake and Trash Racks

Mechanical trash rack rake collecting debris from an intake

We have years of experience developing effective solutions for fish passage and protection.  We have a team of experienced biologists and engineers that can design solutions for your fish problems today. 

Our solutions include:

  • Culvert Passage
  • Fish Friendly Tide Gates
  • Fish (Behavioral) Guidance Systems
  • Barrier and Guidance Nets

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Puget Sound Energy

We have a Public Safety at Dams solution to address your needs.  

Our solutions include:

  • Public Safety booms and barriers
  • Swim buoys and floats
  • Line of Demarcation
  • Signage
  • Navigation

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