Ice presents special problems for operators of dams and hydroelectric plants. Worthington Products, Inc. understands ice and has developed ICE BARRIERS solutions to address these issues.  

Worthington Products knows how to design ICE BARRIERS systems for seasonal or permanent deployment to reduce the risks associated with operating in extremely cold climates.  

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Walking Platforms

​Port and Marine Security Barrier

Sometimes you need a more significant waterway security barrier for Port and Marine Security.  Worthington Products, Inc. is the industry leader in the development and supply ofPORT and MARINE SECURITY Barriers for critical infrastructure around the world.

Worthington Products PORT and MARINE SECURITY Barriers are trusted at secure sites around the world.

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Floating debris has serious consequences for owners of dams, power plants, irrigation diversions and other water related facilities. Worthington Products offers proven solutions to control debris no matter the location or severity of the problem.  Worthington Products has a wide variety of debris barriers for your specific needs.  

TUFFBOOM and TUFFBOOM XL debris barriers are a robust, low maintenance alternative to bulky and expensive wooden log booms or plastic HDPE water pipe barriers.  Decades of experience at thousands of installations around the world has given Worthington Products, Inc. the experience you can trust.

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 ​We have years of experience working around dams, reservoirs, irrigation systems and other water related facilities.  We have searched hard for solutions to protect these facilities, control debris and improve Public Safety. 

That is why we partnered with Worthington Products, Inc., the world's most experienced company in the design and manufacture of Waterway Barriers.   

Floating walking platform used to access facilities at dams

​The Worthington Products, Inc. TUFFSIGNline of products includes floating barriers that can span a river.  With a low draft design and a cable that is high enough above the water to allow debris and ice to pass, it is still low enough that a distressed swimmer or boater can easily grab on and hold until rescue arrives. 

The TUFFSIGN floats are designed as a safety platform where a stranded individual can climb on and await rescue.  

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Port and Marine Security Barrier protecting a military base and naval port

If safe access is a concern, then Worthington Products Walking Platform Barriers are the solution for you. The BOATBUSTER-20WB combines the benefits of a high strength debris barrier with a continuous walkway for operator access.  The BOATBUSTER-20WB can also be equipped with a debris curtain to exclude debris from your project site.  

The Worthington Products BOATBUSTER-20WB has been installed all over the world to provide safe and dependable access at critical locations.  

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Worthignton Products, Inc Tuffbuoy Public Safety Barrier Float

Heavy Duty Debris Barriers

Ice Barriers



The Worthington Products, Inc. TUFFBUOYis a complete line of round and oval floats, can buoys and markers for use in low risk areas and where a low cost solution is desired.

TUFFBUOYis a complete brand of safety buoy & floats used for dam safety, navigation & marine use at dams, parks, marinas, harbors and other waterfront structures.

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Sometimes an owner/operator need a more robust debris control solution.  Large trees, ice, high water velocities or other severe conditions require a Debris Barrier that is proven to perform in even the most hostile situations.  Worthington Products, Inc. has the most experience of any manufacturer in the design of heavy-duty debris barriers in the world.

Worthington Products BOATBUSTER-20, BOATBUSTER-20HD or BOATBUSTER-20ED will provide you the solution you need to address even the most severe debris problem. 

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Worthington Products, Inc., Tuffsign Low Head Dam Barrier
Worthington Products Tuffboom Waterway Debris Barrier collecting debris in a lake
Worthington Products manufacturer of debris barriers, log booms and public safety barriers
Worthington Products Inc., BoatBuster-20 waterway debris barrier

​​Many sites require a barrier to exclude boats to improve public safety.  The  Worthington Products BOATBUSTER and BOATBUSTER-HDfloats are large diameter floats for use on large bodies of water where high visibility and greater resistance to waves and wind is required.

The Worthington Products, Inc. TUFFBOOM waterway barriers provide excellent visibility, high quality mold-In graphics.  Connection hardware has been improved to provide years of worry free performance.  The TUFFBOOM XL waterway barrier is designed with an integrated hand-hold allowing swimmers to self rescue.

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Debris Barriers

Worthington Products, Inc., BoatBuster Waterway Barrier


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